The Grants, Engagement and Communications (GECo) Facility coordinates institute-wide grant applications, organises engagement projects to encourage public interest in science, and communicates CSC research to a broad audience. GECo also support CSC researchers in print and digital media management.

Recent events

Have we come a long way? Much has changed in the world of science since Marjory Stephenson and Kathleen Lonsdale became the first female Fellows of the Royal Society in 1945 – but is the situation for today’s women scientists better, worse or the same? We invited the audience to reflect on the situation of women in science at this year’s Suffrage Science award ceremony, hosted for the first time at the Royal Society. Science communicator Kat Arney led through the evening. 11 inspirational women scientists from the engineering sciences received prestigious Suffrage Science jewellery heirlooms from the current heirloom holders.

Grants The facility coordinates and advises on large, institute-wide grants, supports institutional reviews and develops processes to underpin the management of research. It works closely with the CSC Grants & Contracts Coordinator and the relevant Imperial and MRC offices to provide up-to-date information on research grants for scientists.

Engagement & Education Engagement with schools is a key focus of the CSC. Alongside larger events, the facility organises regular microscopy workshops for schools in collaboration with the Microscopy facility and visits local schools with a view to introducing students to science from an early age.

Communication The facility maintains the CSC and affiliated websites. The Facility launched BPoD (Biomedical Picture of the Day) in fully-responsive mode (compatible with mobile devices and iPads) in April 2012. Image sourcing and writing is supported in-house and externally by a network of editorial freelancers.

Services The facility provides digital and print support to CSC scientists, facilities and administration.

Please contact GECo for a copy of the CSC’s Annual Communications Plan.