“We use lymphocytes as models to study how gene expression patterns are transmitted through cell division, and to explore the molecular basis of lineage choice”

We study transcriptional and epigenetic mechanisms that underlie cellular differentiation and experimental reprogramming. Our core research activities include the following interrelated areas:

  • Pluripotency and reprogramming
  • Polycomb repressor complexes in stem cells
  • Cohesin function in gene expression and genome organisation
  • Ikaros family transcription factors

We combine classical cell biology and genetics approaches with current technologies to address the events involved in maintaining embryonic stem (ES) cell pluripotency versus differentiation towards mesoderm, endoderm and ectoderm, as well as the mechanisms of T and B cell lineage choice and differentiation.

Lymphocyte Development

DNA synthesis (green) in B cells undergoing pluripotent reprogramming.

Selected Publications

Seitan, V. C., Faure, A. J., Zhan, Y., Patton, R., Lajoie, B. R., Ing-Simmons, E., Lenhard, B., Giorgetti, L., Heard, E., Fisher, A. G., Flicek, P., Dekker, J., Merkenschlager, M. (2013). Cohesin-based chromatin interactions enable regulated gene expression within preexisting architectural compartments. Genome Research, 23 (12), 2066–2077.

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Parelho, V., Hadjur, S., Spivakov, M., Leleu, M., Sauer, S., Gregson, H. C., Jarmuz, A., Canzonetta, C., Webster, Z., Nesterova, T., Cobb, B. S., Yokomori, K., Dillon, N., Aragon, L., Fisher, A. G., Merkenschlager, M. (2008). Cohesins functionally associate with CTCF on mammalian chromosome arms. Cell, 132 (3), 422–433.

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