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19 April 2017 | Public Engagement

By Adam Cawte and Hailey Gahlon

Hailey Gahlon, a postdoctoral researcher, and Adam Cawte, a PhD student, both in the LMS Single Molecule Imaging group, recently attended the 2017 STEM for Britain symposium. It’s an event dedicated to initiating further communication between members of parliament, postdocs, students and those dedicated to the development of UK-based scientific research.  It was a great honour for them to be selected to present the LMS at Westminster to an audience of scientists and MPs.

Hailey and Andy

Local policitian Andy Slaughter (right) learns about Hailey Gahlon’s research

Hailey presented her work entitled ‘Watching a single enzyme correct errors in DNA’, which is involved in understanding the dynamics of proofreading in the bacterial replicative DNA polymerase of E. coli. Whilst Adam presented his work entitled ‘Cellular imaging of small RNAs using ‘light-up’ aptamers’, which explores imaging RNA in live cells.

Both Hailey and Adam were able to meet with the local Hammersmith MP, Andy Slaughter, and talk about our work. In addition, we were able to meet with other Parliamentarians and scientific researchers.  The STEM for Britain was a great way to bring science to the public and have an open platform to discuss the diverse research being carried out at universities across the UK.

Adam and Andy

Adam Cawte (right) shares insights from his PhD research with Slaughter


Photographs credit: John Deehan Photography Ltd

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